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Our Elizabeth team have awed us with their brilliant reviews this weekend!
We know what we’re adding to our reading list…


The Missing Beaumont Children by Michael Madigan:

9780975674673 The 50 year mystery of the missing Beaumont children has been permanently etched into the minds and psyche of South Australians, if not all Australians ever since that dreadful day in January 1966. The three Beaumont children left their home that morning for a day at the beach but they were never to return home again.
This book brings together what little information the police have been able to gather over the days, months and years following the children’s disappearance. The book talks about many of the persons of interest as well as touching on other disappearances around the country and whether they could be connected. Unfortunately there is no happy ending in this book. The Beaumont children are still missing. The person or persons involved have never been caught and our society is still questioning why someone would do such a horrible thing? – Mark (Store Manager)

The Dry by Jane Harper:

When a drought stricken rural town is rocked by the sudden and unexpected murder/suicide and the supposed events surrounding it, an old family friend, an Inspector from Melbourne is asked to look into the case, and finds that all is not what it seems and someone in this small Aussie country town is hiding a massive secret. You must read this well written Australian story, with well developed characters and a twist that you wont see coming until the climactic end, The Dry wont disappoint. – Mark (Store Manager)

Marvel Star Wars: Darth Vader by Gillen Kieron:

9780785192558 MARVEL’s Darth Vader series starts off strong with this collection of comic book issues. Explore what Darth Vader was up to during the time between Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
See how he handles the ever growing Rebel Alliance and proves to both the Emperor and the reader that he is still one of the scariest (and coolest!) villains of all time. Both the brilliant writing and exquisite art styles keep you immersed in the Star Wars galaxy as both fan favourites and newcomers meet with the Dark Lord – including Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett and countless others!
Get in the mood for more of his powerful presence with his upcoming film appearance in this December’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”! – Brayden

You Know Me Well by David Leviathan & Nina LaCour:

A beautiful story about an unlikely friendship, bound during the course of one crazy night. Askate and Mark share social anxieties and the pursuit of their first loves, they come to find the best allies are often those we pass by everyday. A perfect story for fans of John Green, or anybody who skips along to the sound of their own beat. – Amy

Red Dragon by Thomas Harris:

9780099532934 The writing in this book is beyond spectacular, and is in my Top 5 books of all time. As well as weaving together several character arcs from many different walks of life across a number of years, this novel introduces us to perhaps the most infamous fictional Serial Killer of all time: Hannibal Lector.
A series of family murders begin to take place in the early 1980’s which force veteran FBI Criminal Profiler Will Graham out of retirement to track down a killer who refers to himself as the Great Red Dragon. Aiding him in his investigation is the notorious Hannibal, who Will captured just a few years prior. Hannibal seems to always know who the Dragon is, as he uses his background in therapy and psychology to manipulate Will Graham. As the families start to get brutalised in a more refined way, Graham knows he has to conquer his own internal demons to figure out who is killing, and he has to do so quickly.
An excellent, genre defining crime thriller. – Ashley

The Five Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly:

NY Times bestselling author Matthew Reilly returns in the third instalment in Reilly’s series to feature Jack West Jr. The adventurer from the Australian outback and his band of men, women and children race against several nefarious groups to defuse a disastrous celestial event. The planetary entity known as the Dark Star, the evil twin to our sun, is set to return to our solar system, igniting a massive negative energy source that will destroy all life on Earth. But if anyone can save the world, it’s Jack. There are bad guys to kill and riddles to solve. Readers should hang on to their seatbelts as Jack fights tooth and nail to save the World.
4 out 5 stars, better than its predecessor. Reilly is at his brilliant best as he swiftly takes readers from one magnificent action set piece to another.
Note: Be on the look out October 18th 2016, for Matthew Reilly’s next Jack West Jr. Novel, 7 years in the making The Four Legendary Kingdoms. – Todd

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