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There’s a little something for everyone as our Carindale team go under


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9781595141743Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead:

When I first started reading Vampire Academy, I was worried it would be the typical vampire/werewolf love story but thankfully it wasn’t. Compared to other paranormal authors, Richelle Mead doesn’t focus on the romance between characters so much that the plot line gets lost in between. The character development is one of the amazing factors of this series along with hilarious scenes. Although the Vampire Academy series isn’t ‘eye catching’, it is certainly worth the read. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to get away from focused love triangles without a story. – Cassandra

Maximum Ride by James Patterson:

James Patterson is known for his fast-paced reads, but this one is particularly enthralling. The story follows dangerous lives of seven genetically modified children (who can fly!) and their quest to evade the very people who made them that way. A brilliant read that captivated me throughout the entire series – definitely a must-read! – Kara

9781405924412My Story by Steven Gerrard:

With 504 appearances and 120 goals for Liverpool Football Club Steven Gerrard is one of the most iconic players in football history. Stories all the way from his first game to the infamous slip which cost Liverpool their first title. A must read for a fan of any sport.- Nick

Northern Lights by Nora Roberts:

A romantic mystery that has it all; A dark hero, a tough independent female, breathtaking description of Alaska and a criminal investigation with lots of danger. Put it all together and you have a fast paced intense read which will keep you turning pages to the end. – Gina

9781473621176Leading by Alex Ferguson:

A no-nonsense and insightful look into the life of a great sporting leader of our time. This book draws many similarities to how Fergie’s leadership principals can be adapted in other businesses and the importance of a strong work ethic. A fantastic read for Manchester United supporters and the neutral fan alike. It’s hard to argue with the results Fergie has produced. – Charles

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara:

If you read only one book this year – make it this one. Following the lives of for New York college students, this is a poignant tale of what it means to love and lose. This book will leave an impression on you long after you put it down. An intense story both a pleasure and a pain in all its extremes – a new standard of writing. – Cara

Girl With All the Gifts by M. J. Carey:

An unexpectedly eerie tale about a little girl forced to attend school classes that she will never use while the rest of the world struggles with the social responsibility of redefining what human nature is. A fast paced dystopian thriller with a large and beating heart – a book you can’t afford to miss. – Josh (Store Manager)

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