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Wool Trilogy 01: Wool by Hugh Howey:
If you only read one book this year, make it Wool by Hugh Howey!
Wool is set in a dystopian future where a colony of humans live in a well functioning 140 level silo below ground. Howey alludes to a nuclear explosion in the past that has prevented these people from heading up above the soil.
Generations after this colony is created, citizens are beginning to question why they cannot go above ground. Why are they being kept below? What happens to those that do venture out?
Howey magically illustrates the journey undertaken by newly appointed sheriff Juliette, after she decides to head above ground and find out the answers to these questions for herself. What happens next will have you so deeply enthralled in the novel that you will lose track of the rest of your day and be racing to get the sequel to continue the search for answers…. – Erin (Store Manager)

9781594746031Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs:
A black and white photo of a child floating off the ground invokes the strange tone found through out this amazing young adult title.
The first in a new series by Ransom Riggs set in the strange life of sixteen year old Jacob. This story reads like a teen Xfiles, set on a Welsh island.
It follows Jacob’s journey into his grandfathers past.
Through the use of bizarre photos and weird encounters Jacob slowly enters the lives of the islands orphanage children. Full of twists and turns this is a novel, suitable for both young and old. It invokes images and feelings of isolation and wonderment.
The book has recently been turned into a film .This is a must read for any one who enjoys strange yet moving tales.
Grab a copy today and be swept away by The Peculiar Children! – Steve (Assistant Store Manager)

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas:
Celaena Sardothien was Adarlan’s most notorious assassin, until she was betrayed. Young and courageous Celaena is forced into slavery in the salt mines, but after a year she is given a chance to regain her freedom. She must compete in a tournament against some of the most brutal criminals; if she wins she must swear loyalty to the king and become his own personal assassin and losing could only end in death. There are secrets that lurk deep within the castle walls that Celaena must uncover – before it’s too late. Her own dark past haunts her, but for the sake of her life she must keep it hidden. The novel is filled with action, magic and a hint of romance that threatens to melt Celaena’s heart of ice. Sarah J. Mass has built a vivid and enticing world, that holds such a perfect story and ties up with an epic ending that will leave you craving book 2, Crown of Midnight. – Quinlee

9780340822784Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell:
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell sees a journey through time across the lives of six characters, whose lives are all interconnected in a fascinating way to the previous life. Although a little tricky to navigate through the first few chapters and leaves you with more questions then answers, it is a well written masterpiece that will open the readers eyes to the power hungry journey mankind has embarked on since the invention of ink and quill. Its journey through the diverse generations leads to a future beyond our present day, where clones are used as slaves. An enthralling read, it will leave you hungry for more. Its answers aren’t apparent until the climax of the book, which keeps you engrossed and unable to put the book down.
Throughout the journey, Mitchell changes up the style of writing, which excites the reader into learning about a new character and how their life connects to the previous. Its aim is to leave the reader questioning their future and hungry to learn about their past and how the people who we associate with impacts on our future selves. It is a book meant to leave the reader in a state of self-reflection. – Nadine

Maze Runner 03: Death Cure by James Dashner:
The final book in the Maze Runner trilogy held as us all in suspense as Thomas and his friends are nearing the end of their battle against WICKED’s control.
From the very first book that left us on the end of our seats the Scorch Trials and the Death Cure have not disappointed since.
This post-apocalyptic thriller that has kept us guessing throughout out the series through it twist and turns to character betrayals and death, this is a must read book for any sci-fi fans before the finale release on the big screen. – Hannah

9780006479888Game of Thrones by George R R Martin:
Game of Thrones is the first edition in a series of books, titled “A Song of Ice and Fire”, filled from the first page to the last with expertly written character dynamics.
Filled with controversially gritty and shocking scenes, Game of Thrones is a book that lives up to it’s hype and makes the TV series based off of it pale in comparison.
The story reads as if it were made for a TV adaptation by not having a main character and instead deciding to focus on the view points of many engaging characters .
Set in a fantasy, yet eerily realistic world, Game of Thrones tells the story of a political feud between two families that has the capability to shake the foundations
of the world in which it is set, and at the center of it all is Lord Eddard Stark, recently appointed hand of the king.
It has recently been adapted into a TV series in which is currently unfinished, this is an essential book for any historical fantasy fan. – Lachlan

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley:
A centrepiece of the classic occult, Frankenstein gloomily explores the perils of when science plays God. Following a sensitive, misunderstood monster as he staggers through the brutal existence forced upon him doesn’t make for easy reading, but it’s harder still to stop. I feel it’s important to point out that film adaptions of this novel are so fully removed from the original story that many readers would find it almost unrecognisable, and rightly so. Mary Shelley’s masterpiece is a brooding, bone-gnawing tale well worth getting involved in. – Kirstie

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