Rock Solid Gift Ideas

We are absolutely loving the music memoirs that Santa is bringing our way! If you know someone who lives and breathes rock’n’roll, we know what will have them squealing with delight Christmas morning!

9780297608127The Beatles Lyrics is a beautiful big glossy hardcover book, making a perfect keepsake for every Beatles fan. The wonderful thing about the Beatles is that a lot of their songs were first written as scribbles on little scraps of paper, which were just waiting to be lovingly pieced together and unveiled to the world. Hunter Davies has done a great job of matching these little notes to the bigger picture of the songwriting process and inspirations of the biggest band in history.

The Doors’ new biography, Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre, will have us singing ‘Light My Fire’ until New Years! Mick Wall, arguably the greatest rock writer of this generation, has turned his sights to The Doors and given us a page-turning account of their time at the top. If you think you know The Doors after watching that Val Kilmer movie, think again. There was more than one musician writing songs and wreaking havoc in this legendary rock band.

9781444753257Into The Black is the second instalment of the epic Metallica biography begun last year with Birth School Metallica Death. Follow the band from 1991, with the release of their bestselling self-titled album, right up to 2014 as they continue to rock as the world’s greatest metal band.

Mick Fleetwood has penned an intimate and compelling autobiography in Play On: Now, Then & Fleetwood Mac. We’ve all heard the outrageous and notorious rumours (geddit?) about the band, and now Mick shares with all his fans the truth about living with Fleetwood Mac.

Not completely satisfied yet? Stay tuned for our encore, Rock ‘n’ Roll Part II!

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