Reviewsday: Tales of Beauty & Madness by Lili St Crow

nameless In the never ending parade of fairy tale adaptions, there’s always something unique and clever about each and every one but we all know there are a few stand outs in the bunch that bring such a rich, engrossing interpretation to the table that they have to be raved about. This trilogy would probably rate in my top five fairy tale adaptions because whilst some elements of the stories read the same, the tweaks and changes compliment the original tale in a breathtaking manner.

Nameless, Wayfarer and Kin (Snow White, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood respectively) wayfarertell the tales of Cami, Ellie and Ruby, an unlikely group of friends each facing their own struggles. As if trying to make it through high school unscathed wasn’t enough, Cami is battling her mysterious, unknown past and parentage, Ellie is dealing with her demanding stepmother and her gruelling, never-ending list of chores and Ruby’s fighting an arranged marriage, a compulsory undertaking to keep her clan alive. With each other’s support, they must face the trials and tribulations that face them or their world may crumble beneath their feet.

kinWith danger lurking around every corner and foes disguised as friends, the Tales of Beauty and Madness are mystifying and heart-wrenching takes, stirring up drama, adventure, romance and just a touch of magic to keep you spellbound.

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