Reviewsday: Sweet Tooth Vol. 1 by Jeff Lemire

mgUkui61UxzMu5CnmOQe2IAIn a post-apocalyptic world caused by a mysterious illness, Sweet Tooth follows the tale of a boy named Gus who is a hybrid of a human and a deer. Being raised in isolation within a fenced off area in the woods, Gus is faced with the challenge of surviving on his own after the death of his father. After meeting a traveller by the name of Jepperd, together they begin their journey to “The Preserve” where Jepperd promises Gus, he will be safe.

The first volume gives an amazing introduction to the series as it introduces the two main characters who are experiencing this intense time in the world. Within each issue of this trade, we begin to learn more about Jeppard and Gus. We start to see their strengths and their weaknesses and we also get to witness how they work together as a unit despite having such different personalities. This series is a wonderful series which definitely made me feel such deep emotions of both happiness and sadness.

Jeff Lemire did a great job telling the tale of these characters through scenes told in present time as well as flash backs to the past which are consistent throughout the series. Accompanying the incredible writing and plot with beautifully detailed artwork, Lemire will leave you wanting more by the end of the volume.

An action packed and emotionally driven series about conquering hardship, trust and hope for the future. A must read for any comic book reader as well as those who enjoy post apocalyptic tales and stories of survival and adventure.

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