Reviewsday: Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris

If you like your heroine’s sassy, resourceful and telepathic, Sookie Stackhouse is your perfect fit. I personally have read the series three (…or more) times over and each time I’m engrossed completely by the complex web of characters and plot lines that Charlaine Harris weaves. The one thing that really peaked my interest was that the varying plot lines flowed seamlessly through multiple books and have a tendency to pop up again after you thought they’d been resolved. Every character, regardless of how minor, leap off of the page in stunning detail. With vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, witches and fairies lurking within the chapters, the supernaturals are all well represented and add a lovely layer of complexity to Sookie’s life. With drama, action, adventure, romance and laugh out loud humour, these books have almost everything you could ask for and much, much more.

It never crossed my mind that these books would take over my life when I picked up the first novel. They exceeded every expectation I had and kept delivering amazing characters, plots and dialogue until the very last page. If you’ve never read them, trust me when I say you should race out right now and buy the first book (Dead Until Dark, you’re welcome). If you have, read them again. And again. And again.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – a vampire walks into a bar and waitress Sookie Stackhouse falls head over heels. Okay, so it doesn’t happen quite like that but you get the drift. I know Sookie and her undead companions have been around for a while – 13 books in total (not counting all the extra juicy short stories) and a successful HBO series – but I feel like there’s still so much more love to give.


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