Reviewsday: Mockingjay

A whole new game has begun…

mockinjayMockingjay, the final book of the supercharged Hunger Games trilogy, is a book on springs. You won’t be able to put it down. Darker even than it’s predecessors, Mockingjay reads like a gritty war novel as Katniss works with the rebellion to overthrow the Capitol and President Snow. Becoming the iconic ‘Mockingjay’, Katniss acts as a symbol of hope and strength for the rebellion, going into battle once again- but this time it’s no game.

In a world filled with hidden agendas, can Katniss trust even her closest friends and allies?

Katniss is one of the strongest female heroines in recent literature. She has inspired a whole generation of readers, to the point where the Nerf toy gun company now has a best-selling ‘Rebelle’ bow and arrow set. There’s no escaping the Hunger Games, and there’s a very good reason why: these books are phenomenal.

If you haven’t read the series yet, you can purchase all the titles  in a gorgeous box set here. And just to feed your imagination that little bit more we’ve included the trailer for the movie released in Australia November 21!

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