Reviewsday: Legend Of Drizzt – Homeland

Early last year I got into a weekly show on Twitch called Critical Role, where a group of my favourite voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons together. After binge watching the 50 something episodes around at the time I absolutely needed more of the magic, the action, the adventure! So into work I came and picked up the first couple of books in this series and it did not disappoint!

Each book is it’s own adventure, following the main character, Drizzt, as he explores and discovers a vast, complex world full of intriguing and wondrous creatures and cultures. The character development is solid, but it is written in such a way that it’s easy to come back to if you don’t feel like spending the next chunk of your lifetime tackling the entire mass of novels.

I’d recommend this series to all fantasy fans, whether you have knowledge of the lore of the games or not. The only struggle I have faced as a complete novice myself is needing to google some creatures every now and then so I can figure out exactly what they look like… But otherwise I will be quite happily enjoying these books for the coming years of my life.

~ Megan, QBD Charlestown

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