Reviewsday: Kushiel’s Dart

“That which wields is not always weak.”

Sold into slavery as a young girl, Phèdre has always been characterised by the scarlet mote in one of her eyes that most consider a curse. One extraordinary man, however, has a different opinion. Phèdre’s mark is not a curse, it’s a blessing; she has been  marked by the angel Kushiel.

When her bond is purchased by the 9780765379726enigmatic Anafiel Delauney, Phèdre isn’t quite sure what to expect… but when she meets Alcuin, Delauney’s other pupil, and learns that she is to master the art of subterfuge disguised as seduction, her world suddenly becomes much more interesting. Delauney’s web is an intricately weaved one but there are placed his eyes and ears cannot reach. For that, he needs Phèdre.

Caught up in a whirlwind of political intrigue, Phèdre uses her training to charm and beguile information out of her patrons that is crucial to Anafiel’s plotting. As she realises her mentor doesn’t seem to trust her with all of the elements of his plan, Phèdre begins to put her skills to use to piece it together for herself, revealing much too late that something bigger than their little game is afoot. Seeking help turns into a deadly game and when she is betrayed at a crucial moment, her life is sent spiralling out of control. With only her courage, wit and an untested warrior companion by her side, Phèdre must fight for her survival or her entire kingdom could be in jeopardy.

Kushiel’s Dart is an epic journey that is reminiscent of the Game of Thrones series. Phèdre is such a strong, unique character whose resourcefulness surprised me at times and the way in which her personality effects those around her is quite fascinating. It’s such a compelling read that I couldn’t make myself put it down!

– Karen

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