Reviewsday: Jessica Jones Vol. 1 – Alias

alias vol 1This was my very first Marvel comic. I’m way more of a DC fan. This was a solid read and I liked it enough to pick up the next volume. I love the Marvel Max idea too, lots of sex, violence, swearing and such; it’s a great way for Marvel to separate out its non-kid friendly publications without making them inaccessible. The artwork and colouring is excellent, but the grammar and sentence structure left a little to be desired for me.

What sets this one apart is the darkness, the grittiness of a story set in the modern world with only hints of Marvel’s superhero past. Superpowers have very little to do with this story, and instead Jessica Jones uses her past experiences to solve all manner of mysteries, only occasionally calling on her Avenger connections, namely Captain Marvel’s Carol Danvers. Whilst you still get a traditional Marvel story, its a shaken up, flipped around and totally different reading experience.

Read this, then watch it!



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