Reviewsday: Hogfather

9780552167581You can’t kill Anthropomorphic Personifications…or at least that’s what everyone thought. Everyone, but Mr Teatime.

There is a plot afoot to kill the fat man and only Susan Sto-Helit and her handy poker can stave it off…

To be fair, she doesn’t want to stave it off. She’d much prefer to be normal. But she doesn’t have a choice. Monsters are creeping out of the woodwork. Her grandfather is definitely acting strangely, the Hogfather is missing and for some reason she is remembering the future again- all bad things.

It’s a mystery and she must solve it.

Aided by the God of Hangovers, well-meaning wizards and the Grim Squeaker Susan heads off on an adventure you can really sink your teeth into.

If you’ve never read a Terry Pratchett novel before, this is the perfect appetiser. Full of wit and wonder (and a little bit of sarcasm) The Hogfather is a Christmas story with a twist that will appeal to all ages…sorry Hogswatch story.


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