Reviewsday: He’s Just Not That Into You

9780007431854When the writers of the famous Sex and the City decide to write a relationship book, you know it is going to be brilliant! Funny from beginning to end, He’s Just Not That Into You is perfect for all women – single or in a relationship. The authors have two main lessons to teach:

  1. You are not the exception to the rule – you are the rule. If you haven’t heard from a man, the reason why is probably not because he lost your number or went out of town or got hijacked. Just because your sister’s friend’s cousin’s aunt married the man she didn’t hear from for three months after their first date, does not mean that you will. She was the exception, you are not.
    If a man really does like you, you’ll know about it. He’ll make an effort to find your number or ask you out or propose.
  2. The authors speak seriously from experience, but are brutally honest in their no-excises guide. Offering both male and female perspectives on each topic, this guide will definitely answer all of your questions. Greg will lecture you, and then Liz will sympathise with you and encourage you to be stronger, and demand the greatness you clearly deserve. Even if you are in a serious and healthy relationship, give this book a read – it is incredibly uplifting and empowering, reminding you that you are worth the world. This book is still funny even if you have found the man who will give it to you.

Of course, it is perfect for those of us out there who are still searching for Mr Right. Just remember, guys aren’t all that hard to understand. At least not according to Greg and Liz!

Jacqueline , QBD Epping

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