Reviewsday: Firstlife by Gena Showalter

firstlifeAs far as Tenley “Ten” Lockwood is aware, her friends and relatives have all put her absence down to a boarding school or some ludicrous luxury retreat; whatever lie her parents have told to hide the fact that they’re had their daughter locked away in an asylum for three hundred and seventy-eight days. The reason for her confinement? Barely a year out from her eighteenth birthday, Ten remains Unsigned.

All Ten really wants is some peace, quiet and time to choose between the two realms in which she could spend her Everlife – things that are scarce commodities in the hellish place she is forced to call home. Ten intends to hold out until the very last moment, but she may not have a choice. Both Myriad and Troika want her for their own reasons and have people on the inside vying for Ten’s affection and loyalty… two very different men with two very different methods of getting close to her. But Ten’s issues with the asylum and the equally charming gentlemen will have to take a backseat because something sinister is lying in wait for her – a familiar face with a shocking secret to tell.

Jam-packed with action, suspense, romance and drama, the story of Firstlife is a unique concept that explores life after death, one that gives its characters a choice between light and dark. Ten’s journey through her perilous decision is bittersweet yet enlightening, exploring the many facets of humanity. There’s one constant, thought-provoking question that stays with you long after you finish the novel: where would you spend your Everlife?

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