Reviewsday: Everyday by David Levithan

“The tenderness between two people can turn the air tender, the room tender, time itself tender. As I step out of bed and slip on an oversize shirt, everything around me feels like it’s the temperature of happiness.”

9781921922954Every day ‘A’ wakes up, and is someone else. A is A, but in someone else’s body – a host. Each day goes by like the last, with A trying to decipher who they are for the day, and attempting to stay as unimportant in the host’s life as possible… Any major disruption and the host would have lasting damage, one that A cannot fix, as A is gone from that person’s life forever after. It has always been like this. A is quiet, does not make connections, tries to make as little waves as possible – until A is Rhiannon’s boyfriend for a day…

Rhiannon makes A want something different – something permanent with warmth and connection.

I won’t tell you how this book made me feel because it feels different for everyone. I won’t tell you that David Levithan is a genius, because the premise of the book alone can tell you that… Everyday speaks for itself, through the journey of A. I will however, tell you to read it…

This is not my body, but it’s the body she wants. I feel like a pretender... I never want to stay. I’m always ready to leave. But not tonight. Tonight I’m haunted by the fact that tomorrow he’ll be here and I won’t be. I want to stay. I pray to stay. I close my eyes and wish to stay.


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