Reviewsday: Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas

empireThis book seriously shows how far Sarah J Maas has come as an author. Seeing the development of her plot, her characters and her writing style has been extraordinary. She has come so far, dragging us along with her, waiting impatiently for each new book and amazing us every time. This is not a disappointment.

Empire of Storms takes you on an emotional rollercoaster of a ride, leaving you hanging and wanting more. While her cast of characters is huge, each one is unique and a real person in their own right, wonderfully written with flaws and imperfections, attitude and sass. You get to know everyone, and feel for all of them. The differing points of view link the story together fantastically while allowing the reader a wider view of each characters personality and story.

Every chapter has a point and purpose within the story. Every conversation, every sentence, every character is written with a reason and you better pay attention – No skimming through this book! You can not afford to miss bits. The short stories from the Assassins Blade collection come into play as well, if you haven’t read those yet perhaps you should.

This book definitely gets more adult than her last few in this series – the romance levels have risen, and the reading age really has gone up!

I’m saddened that I’ve finished this one already, and am probably going to read it again immediately.

Then, the horrible year long wait for her next one…

 ~ Shoshana, QBD Hornsby

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