QBD x Ch.7 Book Club – March Highlights

Each month, our wonderful “Channel 7 x QBD Book Club” hosts Victoria Carthew and Lee Carseldine discuss great books of all different genres – from enthralling crime fiction to inspiring non-fiction. This month, they reviewed “Dark Mode” by Ashley Kalagian Blunt, “In Belinda’s Kitchen” by Belinda Jeffery, and MORE! To order our March picks and compare your opinion to theirs, head in-store or to the QBD Books website now.

Here are the fantastic titles we featured this month: 

“Dark Mode” by Ashley Kalagian Blunt 

Written by bestselling author Ashley Kalagian Blunt, “Dark Mode” follows Reagan Carsen – she has kept her life offline for years. No social media. No internet presence. No photos. She’s safe… until the day she stumbles on a shocking murder in a Sydney laneway. The victim looks just like her. As more murders shake the city and she’s increasingly drawn out from hiding, Reagan is forced to confront her greatest fear. She’s been found.

“Secret Agent Mole 01: Goldfish-Finger” by James Foley 

This fantastic new series by James Foley starts with Max – a mole on a mission. With Helen Hippo and June Bug by his side, Max must stop the evil Goldfish-Finger from stealing a priceless, solid gold fishfinger. This dangerous, top-secret mission will involve explosions, a naked mole rat, and being flushed down a giant toilet. Will Max and the team defeat the fiendish fish?

“In Belinda’s Kitchen” by Belinda Jeffery 

There is one thing you can be sure of when cooking with Belinda – her meal ideas will never fail. With many being published 20 years ago, her delicious recipes tell stories of family and friendship, and hold a special place in her heart. Now, by popular demand, Belinda has revisited and polished the best in her repertoire to reflect the way she cooks now – and added a handful of new recipes.


“Go As A River” by Shelley Read 

This luminous novel begins when Torie Nash heads into her village pulling a wagon filled with late-season peaches. As she nears an intersection, a mysterious drifter with grimy thumbs and dark eyes stops to ask her the way. She could turn left or cross over. But she does not. Her heart skips a beat as he whispers, ‘go as a river’. From this point on, a mesmerising story begins to unfold as Torie begins to absorb and follow his words.

“Love, Pamela” by Pamela Anderson 

Pamela Anderson is an international icon whose blonde bombshell image dominated the 1990s. In her brand-new title “Love, Pamela”, she will share her story – from the highs to the lows. With vivid prose, interspersed with bursts of original poetry, Pamela’s story is one of healing, perseverance, and ultimately, a redemption of selfhood. We highly recommend!

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