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QBD x Ch.7 Book Club – June Highlights 

Each month, our fantastic “Channel 7 x QBD Book Club” hosts Victoria Carthew and Lee Carseldine discuss great books of all different genres – from enthralling crime fiction to inspiring non-fiction. This month, they reviewed our Fiction Book of the Month “Drowning” by T.J. Newman, “We Need To Talk About Ageing” by Melissa Levi, and MORE! To order our June picks and compare your opinion to theirs, head in-store or to the QBD Books website now.

Here are the fantastic titles we featured this month: 

“Drowning” by T.J. Newman

This enthralling story begins when Flight 1421 crashes into the ocean six minutes after take-off. The passengers who survive the crash think it’s a miracle – they believe they’re the lucky ones. However, the plane begins to sink to the ocean floor and the survivors are trapped inside. Against all odds, a massive rescue operation is launched to save them. There is not much time… There is even less air.

“We Need To Talk About Ageing” by Melissa Levi 

In “We Need to Talk About Ageing,” Melissa encourages us to understand that while getting older is inevitable, our journeys don’t need to be overwhelming, or clouded with uncertainty or confusion. She provides expert information on what to expect as you get older, what’s ‘normal’, how to identify symptoms of common medical and psychiatric conditions in later life, and, most importantly, what you can do and where to go for help. We highly recommend!

“Heartstrong” by Ellidy Pullin 

When Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin kissed his partner, Ellidy, goodbye to go spearfishing, they had no idea it would be the last time. When Chumpy was found unconscious on the ocean floor, Ellidy’s world stopped. In a moment, her partner of 8 years was gone, and so was their dream of the child they both wanted so deeply. Then, a suggestion was made… Did Ellidy want to harvest Chumpy’s sperm and try for their baby? This was her chance to keep a small part of Chumpy alive.

“Love, Theoretically” by Ali Hazelwood 

This swoon-worthy story follows Elsie Hannaway – an adjunct professor. To make up for her non-existent paycheck, she offers her services as a fake girlfriend. It’s a pretty sweet gig – until her many lives finally catch up with her. Jack Smith – the annoyingly attractive and arrogant older brother of her favourite client – turns out to be the cold-hearted experimental physicist who undermined the reputation of theorists everywhere. He’s the same Jack Smith standing between her and her dream job… Will falling into an experimentalist’s orbit finally tempt her to put her most guarded theories on love into practice?

“The Quiet Tenant” by Clemence Michallon 

Aidan Thomas is a hardworking family man and a respected member of his community. He’s also a kidnapper and serial killer who has murdered eight women. And there’s a ninth, a woman he calls Rachel, imprisoned in a backyard shed where she fears for her life… When Aidan’s wife dies, he and his thirteen-year-old daughter, Cecilia, are forced to move. Aidan has no choice but to bring Rachel too, introducing her to Cecilia as a family friend who needs a place to stay. When Emily, a local restaurant owner, develops a crush on the handsome widower, she finds herself drawn into Rachel and Cecilia’s orbit, coming dangerously close to discovering Aidan’s secret…

“The Shot” by Naima Brown 

In this story, producer Mara Bolt will do ANYTHING for ratings – she’s the queen of reality television. When she meets Kristy Shaw, Mara is certain she’s found the star of her newest series, The Shot. The show offers a Total Body Transformation – extreme plastic surgery to render her unrecognisable. This sounds perfect to Kristy as she is still pining for her first love, Max, and wants to recapture his affections under a new identity. But there’s a catch: if she doesn’t secure his heart in thirty days, she must have her surgeries reversed, and go back to her old life… If Mara and Kristy are going to keep the show on track, they must contain the truths and desires that lie just beneath the surface.

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