QBD Reviews: Vigil by Angela Slatter

VigilVerity Fassbinder has one foot in each of two very different worlds. Half human, half Weyrd and one hundred percent bitter about the end result of her most recent attempt to protect both worlds (see: maimed by an otherworldly creature), she’s none too pleased when her boss – and ex-lover – turns up on her doorstep with yet another problem in need of solving that her unique skills are perfect for.

Before she can manage to come up with a good excuse to avoid Bela’s request, she’s inundated with more than she’d bargained for. On top of the spike in missing street children, the police have her consulting on the murder of a siren, whose half-angelic baby has vanished and there’s a headstrong, arrogant businessman on her doorstep demanding she investigate his AWOL son. Oh, and there’s some romantic prospects on the horizon if she could manage to find some time for a date in amongst all of the fact-finding, ass-kicking trips she’s having to make around the city to get information out of human and Weyrd alike; all in a day’s job for the daughter of an infamous Weyrd criminal.

Vigil is a stunning urban fantasy novel, jam packed with action and mystery, set in our own backyard. Our fair heroine, Verity, is full of wit, courage, compassion and has a penchant for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time that makes her journey an amusing one at times. Verity’s explorations in her home town of Brisbane and its surroundings and interactions with its Weyrd residents as she attempts to get to the bottom of the myriad of mysteries that buzz around her like flies make for an intriguing read and I, for one, cannot wait for more!

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