QBD Reviews: The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

the-princess-diaries-978144728062001Most girls dream of being a princess… not Mia Thermopolis. Unfortunately for the awkward, endearingly quirky young girl, she’s just found out that her father is the prince of a small country called Genovia and she is his one and only heir. Going from everyday New York teenager to a princess in one afternoon is really the least of her problems, starting with the fact that her father has been keeping secrets for her whole life and – worse – his terror of a mother is determined to turn Mia into the perfect princess, with lessons on etiquette, comportment and who knows what else.

One thing Mia knows for sure is that there’s no way she’s telling anyone about the circus her life has become, but between school, after school tutoring sessions for dreaded Algebra, her princess lessons and her inquisitive friends, it’s only a matter of time before someone will slip up and the truth will out. Mia’s adventures whilst coping with everything that comes her way are hilarious, sometimes cringe-worthy and always beautifully resolved. Along with her trusty, furry sidekick Fat Louie and her lucky underwear, Mia’s determined to find a light at the end of the crazy tunnel.

The Princess Diaries is an epic coming-of-age story, laced with the awkward encounters, theatric drama and overwhelming emotions that come with the tumultuous ride of the teenager years. Mia’s tenacity and wit is refreshing and her reactions to some of the curveballs thrown her way are just priceless. This is a series that I loved when I was younger and still love now. I think, regardless of how old I get, the Princess Diaries is a series that I’ll revisit on occasion just to wade through the fabulous, chaotic life of Mia Thermopolis, Princess of Genovia.

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