QBD Reviews: Skyborn by David Dalglish

9780356506494-us-300Skyborn sets the scene of a new fantasy series 500 years after the world was swallowed up by the endless ocean and six islands were lifted to the sky to save the last of humanity.

Twins Bree and Kael have lived with their Aunt since their parents died in a battle between their island (Weshern) and the island Galen. Their 16th birthday is fast approaching, which will be their last chance to get into the elite Seraphim academy. Aunt Bethy has been prolonging the inevitable of the twins attending, as she is scared of losing them too. At the academy they will don wings and wield elements to learn how protect their island from aerial invasions.

With their parents having left a great legacy for Bree and Kael to live up to, the thought of failing starts to become overwhelming. When there are eyes constantly on you, there is bound to be some unwanted attention, but should it be something that concerns them?

I enjoyed everything about this book. I found the pacing throughout the story to be at a perfect rate and it kept me engaged the whole time. There are love interests in the book although they are not your typical whirlwind romance, which I really enjoyed. The characters take the time to build friendships instead of instant infatuation. Also the sibling rivalry and the love between the twins felt very real and relatable.

If you’re interested in fantasy or just enjoy a good story, this book should definitely be on your list.

~ Dimiti

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