QBD Reviews: Rosemary and Rue

rosemary-and-rueAfter spending the last fourteen years of her life swimming around in fish pond, Toby Daye isn’t quite sure how to treat the world around her when her curse finally wears off and transforms her back into her original, half-Fae form. Her family has written her off as dead, she’s reluctant to take up her old private investigator’s gig seeing as her last job landed her in the pond and she is definitely never getting involved in anything Faerie related every again…

… That is until her once close friend leaves a haunting message on her answering machine, begging her to investigate her own murder that hasn’t happened yet, a murder that takes place as the message is left. Bound by a powerful spell, Toby is compelled to investigate and doing so means diving headfirst back into the Fae world. The task is an overwhelming one that leads Toby to open doors she’d firmly shut and her miniscule handful of allies is nothing compared to the horde of enemies she seems to have acquired, not to mention the secrets, conspiracies and political upheavals she’ll need to catch up on if she has a chance at surviving the big, bad wolf lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike.

Rosemary and Rue – in fact, the entire Toby Daye series to date – is a book that I devoured whole. It was my first proper introduction into the world of urban fantasy and what an introduction it was! Magic, deception, action and mysteries abound, Toby’s begrudging re-entry into the Fae world and the consequential cast of characters that it brought with it was a delicious smorgasbord of all the reasons I love to read. Prepare to be dazzled, amused, shocked, dismayed and so much more!

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