QBD Reviews: Roller Girl By Victoria Jamieson

Roller GirlBest friends, Astrid and Nicole always did everything together, up until Astrid wanted to go to Roller Derby Camp for the summer. It all started when Astrid’s mum took the girls out for the night to a roller derby match and Astrid was simply amazed. Inspired now to become a roller girl herself, she convinces her mum to let her attend the summer camp with Nicole. Little does Astrid know that her best friend has other plans.

This debut graphic novel by Victoria Jamieson is a great book about friendship and personal goals. The book follows Astrid as she tells the story of her best friend Nicole and how their friendship is tested when she wants to become a professional roller girl. Readers learn more about these girls and how hard they work towards their passions and dreams. Despite having a simple story line, the book presents an important underlining message to follow and work towards your goals as well as accepting your friends differing interests. Accompanied with wonderful artwork with a very similar style to Raina Telgemeier that is full of vibrant colours and subtle details.  There is also the very fascinating element of the game of Roller Derby which is greatly explained throughout the book as the author of the book actually plays the sport in real life.

Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys graphic novels, starting to get into them or simply needs a place to start. A fantastic book for all ages, especially for fans of Raina Telgemeier’s middle grade books.

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