QBD Reviews: Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill

9781848664159I absolutely LOVED this book. Okay, when I say loved, it didn’t make me happy. Only Ever Yours explores some common themes that are relevant to some teenage girls today. I really enjoyed this book because these themes helped me to connect with the main character. I just felt as though I understood her, and her feelings and thoughts. It’s like I was her and, honestly, I haven’t felt this way about a book for a long time.

I didn’t want to put this book down, though towards the end I wanted to halt Freida’s life so her unfortunate ending didn’t come. But at the same time, I wanted to finish. And though the ending was sad, I honestly couldn’t see it ending any other way.

Only Ever Yours is a terrific story. I loved it and would definitely read it again. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read something different. It is unlike anything I’ve read before.

And here is a synopsis (the characters names are supposed to be written without capitals):
Frieda and Isabel have been best friends their whole lives.

Now, aged sixteen and in their final year at the School, they expect to be selected as companions – wives to wealthy and powerful men. The alternative – life as a concubine – is too horrible to contemplate.

But as the intensity of the final year takes hold, the pressure to remain perfect becomes almost unbearable. Isabel starts to self-destruct, putting her beauty – her only asset – in peril.

And then, the boy arrive, eager to choose a bride.

Frieda must fight for her future – even if it means betraying the only friend, the only love, she has ever known…

~Steph, QBD Strathpine

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