QBD Reviews: Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte

Four Queens. A divided nation. A ruthless pickpocket. A noble messenger. And the murders that unite them.

Meet the new fantasy sensation from author Astrid Scholte, perfect for fans of the Red Queen series.

What our readers thought:

An ambitious debut from Astrid Scholte, Four Dead Queens is murder mystery with some fantastic twists and turns. Keralie is a thief, sassy and brave, and battling the demons of her past when she inadvertantly becomes involved in a radical plot to kill Quadra’s Queens. Racing against the clock, Keralie and uptight messenger Varin must uncover the secrets hidden in the palace to save their world.

Shannon, QBD Rockingham

Quadara, a nation divided and ruled by four Queens has been peaceful for centuries. When Keralie, a talented thief, accidentally uncovers a plot to assassinate the Queens she must learn to trust an unlikely friend and herself to save her home from an uncertain future. Set within a clever new world this is a fast paced murder mystery filled with intrigue, love and revenge. ~ Leesa, Chermside QBD

Leesa, Chermside QBD

Upon seeing the cover and synopsis I was instantly excited; devouring this wonderous story as fast as my eyes could take me. My imagination worked overtime attempting to create accurate images in my mind of the vastly different quadrants, all the while failing to truly grasp how these sectors are so geographically close together yet feel like they are from completely different worlds.

I was taken from period costume with corsets and bonnets and a quadrant with no electricity to dermasuits and comm chips and technology so advanced it blew my mind! I was introduced to characters I immediately wanted to know more about and as the story progressed, was constantly surprised to discover new things about them I wouldn’t have guessed.

This was a pretty cruisy novel to begin with, an easy read that wrapped me up in the stunningly creative world Astrid has created until just past half way when the rugs started ripping out from under me with twists I never saw coming- much praise for an author who can still do that so successfully!

I truly loved this book, a standing ovation from me as I (not so) patiently wait for Astrid’s next masterpiece (please!)

Taegen, Loganholme QBD
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