QBD Reviews: Fearless by Francine Pascal

rsz_cvr9781442446311_9781442446311_hrNew girl Gaia Moore is just like everybody else – that is, unless you count the fact that her father is MIA, she’s currently living with a CIA operative and his repulsive wife and she never feels fear. Born with a genetic flaw that renders her essentially fearless and trained by her father in martial arts and languages from a young age, Gaia’s hobbies include chess and beating up petty thugs. Trouble seems to follow her, although she never – well, almost never – goes looking for it.

Despite being extraordinary, Gaia faces the ordinary challenges of being the new girl in high school and after accidentally spilling coffee all over the most popular girl in school, her reputation takes a dive before she can even begin to build one. Regardless of the fact that the move earns her a couple of steadfast friends, Gaia really couldn’t care less for high school drama and is more interested in the recent attacks that have been happening in her favourite park… and the gorgeous boy who she lost a game of chess to. Can she avoid Queen Bee Heather Gannis’ wrath, find and take down the attackers and solve the puzzle of her mystery man? With nothing to fear, the odds are certainly on her side.

The Fearless series by Francine Pascal is a riveting, thrilling ride, pairing the average, every-day high school experience with vigilante-like chases through New York. Add a sprinkle of Romeo and Juliet like romance, a handful of charmingly troubled sidekicks and the ever present mystery of Gaia’s missing father and you have yourself one crazily engrossing series.

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