QBD Reviews: Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

dumplinFor her whole life, Willowdean Dickson has been a loud and proud, self-professed fat girl. She has never felt uncomfortable in her own skin, and she’s never had any issues ignoring the boorish and taunting remarks that her teenage peers have made about her size – until she meets Bo Larson. Bo is a popular and handsome boy, and Willowdean finds herself developing feelings for him… and the feelings are very mutual. Willowdean cannot fathom how someone as good-looking, kindhearted, and admired as Bo could even look twice as a girl like her, and it really begins to mess with her system. She begins to over-analyse her perceptions on her appearance, and her self-confidence begins to plummet.

How much do I love this book?

I went into this book with an open mind, and I was not disappointed. I’ve never read anything that tackles self-image so forcefully before. The majority of the characters are so likeable and fun, and it’s a breath of fresh air to come across a contemporary novel that is so passionately uplifting.

It’s really hard not to like Dumplin’. This is a gripping story on positive self-image, acceptance, and inner-strength. It’s a captivating read from the very first page with a lovable protagonist and such an important message – you deserve to love yourself and the body you are in!

~Holly, QBD Garden City

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