QBD Reviews: “Chopsticks” by Jessica Anthony & Rodrigo Corral

9781595144355When a young piano prodigy by the name of Gloria “Glory” Fleming disappears, the whole country wonders where she has gone. Told through a series of photographs, documents and drawings, readers experience the story of Glory’s blossoming relationship with her new artistic neighbour, Francisco “Frank” Mendoza. How did their relationship lead to Gloria’s disappearance? And where did she go?
This debut novel, Chopsticks is quite an eye opening book as you read from the perspective of both Frank and Glory, who come from different lifestyles but both go through moments of pressure, love and loss. It’s amazing to see the similarities between their experiences that bring them closer together. A heart warming story filled with beautiful art works, CD track lists, instant messenger conversations and emotional photographs. It is definitely a different way of reading a novel as the reader needs to analyse each image and document to completely follow the story. It is also a very interactive experience with Youtube links as well as references to books, movies and music.
A great book about following ones heart while battling all the obstacles along the way. A must read for those who enjoy young adult contemporary novels filled with romance as well as heart ache.
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