QBD Reviews: Blue is the Warmest Colour – Julie Maroh

9781551525143“Love catches fire, it trespasses, it breaks, we break, it comes back to life… We come back to life. Love may not be eternal but, it can make us eternal… Beyond death, the love that we shared continues to live.”

Graphic novels and comics are no longer the realm of younger readers. Blue is the Warmest Colour is not only one of the best graphic novels I’ve read, it is one of the best stories I’ve read.

Suitable only for older readers, this is a dark, challenging coming of age story that follows Clementine as she goes on a journey of self-discovery and finds out that love comes in many forms. One of the rare instances that a book about teenage love can be truly digestible and accessible to all adult readers.

The unique aspect of this book is that it is an LGBTQ love story that speaks through the artwork. As Clementine falls more and more in love with Emma, whose blue hair is her defining feature, the artwork becomes more vivid. When they have problems or when Clementine is depressed, the colour slowly leeches from the artwork which becomes washed out and minimalist. Clementine deals with a lot of things throughout the story, bullying and being thrown out by her parents being the driving issues, but the most important message is that everyone deserves love and love is waiting for you.

I’d recommend this to any older readers who love beautiful artwork, enjoy stories with that little something special, people who read diversely and love a new twist on a timeless style of writing. This story is important and brilliant and to be savoured, studied, gushed about and shared. Tell everyone, this is amazing!

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