QBD Great Reads: The Couple Next Door

9780593077399bookbookThis debut thriller novel by Canadian lawyer and English teacher turned novelist is full of intrigue, showing what people can be capable of when pushed to their limit.

The novel takes place in the space of approximately one week. Young married couple Anne and Marco have a six-month old baby girl Cora. They are invited to a dinner party at the next-door neighbours’ house – but are asked not to bring the baby. Though their babysitter cancels at the last minute, Anne is persuaded by Marco to go to dinner anyway. They have the baby monitor with them, and take turns every half hour to go and check on her – what could go wrong? Turns out to be every parents’ nightmare, when they get home the front door is ajar and the baby is missing. The police are called and so begins an investigation.

The Couple Next Door” brings forth many plot turns and suspicions. Events from Anne’s teenage past are revealed that are quite shocking – does it have any bearing on the current investigation? What role does the flirty neighbour next door play? Who is the real victim in this tale? Who will be going to jail?

The police detective Rasbach is such a great character. He has a gift for tying seemingly meaningless information together and is constantly digging to find out what happened and why.

I just loved how the author keeps you guessing. Halfway through I suspected who was behind the baby kidnapping. Truths were revealed – I had part right but in the end there was a twist or two I did not see coming, which is always the sign of a good story to me. The end also blew me away; it was unexpected – but not!

Kerryn, QBD Northland

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