QBD Book Club – August Highlights

Each month, our fantastic “QBD Book Club” hosts Lee Carseldine and Victoria Carthew get together and talk about some of the best new releases! In the past few weeks, they have talked about incredible titles such as “The Housemate” by Sarah Bailey and “The Flip Out” by Sam Kerr. If you haven’t already, head to our social pages to watch their reviews – better yet, you can order any of these titles and compare your opinion to theirs!

Here are our recent QBD Book Club picks:     

The Housemate by Sarah Bailey

As a junior reporter, Olive Groves worked on a “Housemate Homicide” story and became obsessed. Three housemates: one dead, one missing, and one accused of murder. Now, nine years later, the missing housemate has turned up dead on a remote property and Olive has been assigned to the story. As new facts are unearthed so are a dark web of secrets.

The Flip Out by Sam Kerr

Sam is an Aussie Rules fan through and through. However, when she is excluded from her beloved team, she decides to try her hand (or foot) at soccer. It doesn’t seem so bad at first but with the school bully on her case and the pressure of learning new rules bearing down on her, she begins to think it may all be too much! Loosely based on the story of Matilda’s own Sam Kerr, we’ll find out whether Sam gives up or makes the flip.

I Shot the Devil by Ruth McIver

Erin is dedicated, fierce, and traumatised. When she was sixteen, five people went into West Cypress Woods and only three came out. Andre Villiers was murdered by their friends. Now, around two decades later, Erin is working as a journalist and has been asked to once again investigate this thrill-kill satanic murder. As her investigation pushes her closer to the horrifying truth, it also forces her closer to danger. 

Cutter’s End by Margaret Hickey  

Three decades ago, a burnt and broken body was discovered 300km south of Cutters End. Though ultimately labelled an accidental death, many people – including a high-profile celebrity – believe it’s murder. Detective Mark Ariti is assigned to this recently reopened case. After his interviews with witnesses prove to be useless, he decides to travel the long journey to Cutters End himself. Mark soon learns that this death isn’t the only unsolved case that hangs over the town.

Rogue Forces by Mark Willacy

In Rogue Forces, award-winning journalist Mark Willacy dives into the moment many SAS soldiers descended from elite warriors to unlawful killers. Since his shocking ‘Killing Field’ program in 2020, additional soldiers have come forward with evidence and testimonies, exposing a culture of impunity. At its heart, this is a story about true heroes who dared to come forward and expose the truth. A story that had to be told.

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