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QBD Book Club – April Highlights

Each month, we chat about incredible titles in our very own “QBD Book Club.” This April, our hosts Vic and Chris discussed books such as “Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone” by Benjamin Stevenson and “The Roommate” by Rosie Danan. If you haven’t already, head to our social pages to watch their reviews – better yet, you can order any of these titles from QBD and compare your opinion to theirs!

This story follows the narrator as he reluctantly attends a family reunion in the snowy mountains. He was dreading the reunion before a storm stranded him and his family in their resort… and even before the first murder. In his family, there is tension and bad blood, but they all have one thing in common. They have all killed someone.

When Ned Kelly and his band of tearaways killed three policemen, they sparked the biggest manhunt Australia had ever seen. But, the search ended when Kelly and his gang attempted to derail a train, waging their final gun in battle. This is the story of the team who did whatever it took to find the gang.

In this story, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Shark look like the Bad Guys; they sound like the Bad Guys … and they even smell like the Bad Guys. But they are about to change all of that—whether you want them to or not! Buckle up for the funniest, naughtiest, and coolest series you’ll ever read – it’s time to meet “The Bad Guys” in full colour!

When Jason Riley is announced dead after an alleged shark attack, Gwen races to the beach to find the remains of her husband. Her shock and heartbreak are soon interrupted by Tish. A woman who had just found out that HER husband was killed in the shark attack. Soon, these women discover they were both married to a bigamist who sent all of their money to a mysterious business partner in Egypt. Together, they will build new friendships, discover more about their inner selves, and of course, try to take back what is there’s.

When Clara’s childhood crush invites her to move across the country, she could not resist. Unfortunately, it was an offer too good to be true. After a bait-and-switch, Clara finds herself sharing a lease with a charming stranger. He’s too perceptive, overly handsome, he’s Josh. They may not agree on a lot, but what they do believe is that women deserve better in the bedroom. What they decide to do will change both of their lives, and if they’re lucky, they’ll help everyone else get lucky too.

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