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October – Books of the Month

We are welcoming in the new month with a HUGE lineup of bestselling titles that we are so excited to share with you! Keep reading to discover more about these fantastic books and to order your own copy.

“Prima Facie” by Suzie Miller 

Tessa is an intelligent, young, and fierce barrister. Through determination and grit, she has worked her way into the top of her field from a working-class background. Her expertise in the courtroom has acquired win after win, freeing men accused of sexual assault. One sickening night, with a coworker, Tessa finds herself in a position countless women have before her.

Scathing and moving, with revolutionary language built into every line, this is a novel integral to Australian culture.

“Love & Pain” by Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou

This is the powerful, untold inside story of Silverchair, Australia’s most awarded musical act, told by two of its three members. From their beginnings in Ben Gillies’ garage, this trio of high school kids from Newcastle, New South Wales, became famous with their smash-hit single ‘Tomorrow’, setting them on a path to domination of the Australian charts, worldwide touring and fame.

“The Broken Rainbow” by Tasma Walton & Samantha Campbell

This adventurous and page-turning novel follows the protagonist, Nerra, who is transported back in time after holding the clapsticks gifted to her, by Nerra’s late grandmother. Nerra quickly realises that the Dreaming is in trouble, and it is her duty to reunite the rainbow and restore balance back to the Dreaming.


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