New Year, New You!

With the new year upon us, there is no greater time to start (or continue) your self-development journey. If you’re looking for the best books to help you focus on your personal growth – whether that be in the gym, in the workplace, or mentally – we have so many options that are PERFECT for you! We have put together some of our favourites below:

Life Admin Hacks by Mia Northrop & Dinah Rowe-Roberts

A super-practical guide to cleaning up your personal admin load and freeing up headspace. This title can help you to share the mental load with others, outline a clear system to transform your life, and much more.

The New Hustle by Emma Isaacs 

Some will tell you living in a work-more, sleep-less world is how we get ahead. But Emma Isaacs disagrees. Written with humour, insight, and a serving of tough love, this book teaches us that we don’t need to work harder – we just need to work better.


Mental Fitness by Ant Middleton 

In his brilliant new book, “Mental Fitness”, Ant Middleton lays out and explains the principles that he lives by to best keep his mindset and body in harmony and as strong as they can possibly be.

Fearlessly Failing by Lola Berry

Told with Lola’s trademark charm, this book shares personal anecdotes, advice from experts, and important lessons learned on everything from career failure to self-love and health.

Let Go by Hugh Van Cuylenburg 

This book combines powerful insight with research and Hugh’s own storytelling to show how it is possible to let go of the things that are stopping us from feeling connected, safe, and happy.

Sort Your Money Out & Get Invested by Glen James 

Former financial adviser and podcast host Glen James shares a life-changing approach to your personal finances. From dealing with debt to embracing a realistic spending plan, you will be able to create a long-term financial success plan with this book

Stolen Focus by Johann Hari 

Why have we lost our ability to focus? What are the causes? And, most importantly, how do we get it back? This major new book from internationally bestselling author Johann Hari chronicles our attention crisis and what needs to happen for us to solve it.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Untamed is both a memoir and a wake-up call. It explores the joy and peace we discover when we stop striving to meet the expectations of the world, and instead dare to listen to and trust in the voice deep inside us.

Not A Life Coach by James Smith 

Everything you know about happiness is about to be challenged. With hard-hitting truths and tough love, it’s time to re-set your outlook.

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