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Fallen by Lauren Kate:

After a terrible accident 17-year-old Lucinda’s memory has vanished. With her parents questioning her every move she is sent to a reform school in an attempt to gain control of her life once again.
When her eyes meet across the room with student Daniel she feels inexplicably drawn to him, and knows her life will be irrevocably changed forever.
What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours? Fated to fall in love over & over again only for it to end badly each time.
What if this time was different & you only have one chance at life? – Frankie

9781925266573Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff:

While I didn’t like Gemina quite as much as Illuminae I still really enjoyed it. Despite it being over 600 pages, the format and the fast pace meant that I finished it in a single day (and a school day none the less). I will say, I went into Gemina expecting the surviving crew from Illuminae to come in around half way through, but it was more like two thirds.
I really enjoyed the new characters we were introduced to, though it took me a little longer than with Hannah and Ezra. Nick and Hannah were pretty great, though Ella was by far the standout. Ella was severely disabled but she didn’t let that stop her – she was sassy and amazing and an incredibly talented hacker. In this instalment we also meet Isaac, Kady’s dad, which was great.
I loved all the plot twists – which are essentially staples in both Amie and Jay’s writing. The character one was great, but at the end when we find out what “Gemina” means? Genius.
Suffice to say, I recommend this series to pretty much everyone and I can’t wait for the third one. – Melissa

You by Caroline Kepnes:

During a quiet afternoons shift working at the local book store a seemingly unsuspecting worker named Joe met a free spirited bubbly customer named Beck. Instantly his world shifted and he was infatuated with her every move. Joe knows he is in love, he aspires to be everything to Beck. With this in mind he begins to infiltrate her life in every way possible. Meanwhile a string of bad incidents causes Beck’s life to crumble with the only person she has to turn to being Joe.
Follow through the perspectives of both Beck and Joe and watch their love unravel, although it may not be as innocent as it seems.
A twisted psychological thriller that will leave you with chills, you will find yourself questioning your own sanity when reading from Joe’s charming perspective. – Amie

9780099560432Ready Player One by Ernest Cline:

In a world with an ongoing energy crisis, catastrophic climate change, widespread famine, poverty, disease and war, many people retreat to the OASIS, a globally networked virtual reality game. When the designer of OASIS dies and has no heir, he leaves a minefield of clues in the form of 80’s pop culture references, and the winner inherits his virtual reality empire. There is nothing out there like Ernest Cline’s debut novel. This book is a ‘page-turner’ that is so thought-provoking and engaging. A must-read. – Natalie

The Golden Child by Wendy James:

Wendy James’ seventh novel is a big “What if”- What if your child was not the victim of school yard bullying but the perpetrator?
Such is the confronting proposition faced by mum & blogger Lizzy when her popular 12-year-old daughter, Charlotte, is at the centre of a gang initiation rite involving some poisonous, home grown, oleander leaves. One initiate is briefly hospitilised and the shadow of suspicion falls on both Charlotte and her quiet elder sister, Lucy. Both girls protest their innocence and their mother is inclined to believe them…

Absolutely fantastic & engaging read – Naomi

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