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unbrokenThe Christmas season is here, ladies and gents, and we all know what that means: escaping the heat by checking out all the new summer blockbusters at the movies! And there are some fantastic book adaptation films coming our way this summer (this blogger is going to tactfully steer clear of mentioning ones containing hobbits).

This January is bringing with it a bounty of bio-pics, and we are proud to present the bestselling bios behind the pics!

Unbroken is a story of tragedy and triumph, and is also known as ‘that reason Angelina Jolie was in Australia’. Louis Zamperini went from representing America at the Berlin Olympics, to fighting for America in World War II, to believing he would never see America again after his bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean, and he emerged with only a flimsy life-raft.This is an incredibly inspiring and gripping story, and anyone who reads this cannot help but be touched by the strength and spirit of this young hero.wild

The book is currently on special for $16.99, and the movie will be released in Australia on 15th January.

For a change of pace, follow Cheryl Strayed as she hikes up the west coast of America in Wild. Anyone who has ever gone travelling after getting fed up with their humdrum life will instantly bond with Cheryl, as she takes her enormous backpack and lack of hiking experience on the trip of a lifetime. For a biography that begins with her mother’s death, and the subsequent breakdowns of her family, her marriage, and herself, this book is never self-pitying or overly sentimental.
This is the story of a strong, determined young woman who can take on the world. Reese Witherspoon will do a fantastic job in this film (although some may question her ability to play a 26 year old…), but you should definitely read the book first.

Last, but definitely not least, we bring you American Sniper. The film adaptation of this book american sniper
stars Bradley Cooper and is directed by Clint Eastwood, and the source material is just as gritty and compelling as you would expect from these stars. Chris Kyle was the top American sniper of all time, with 160 confirmed kills over an incredible four tours of duty. But this biography is not just a testosterone-filled rampaging action story (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of action!), but also takes the time to focus on the repercussions to civilian life, and the strains on his marriage and relationships back home.
This is definitely not one to be missed (especially at only $16.99!), and is sure to be the topic of a few conversations come Oscars time.

So be sure to get in and read the books before the movies are released, so you can be that wonderfully annoying friend who can spoil the plot for everyone else!

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