QBD Reviews: Marvel Civil War

51ATs-DRbeL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_A group of young Super Heroes named the “New Warriors” cause a villain to create an explosion killing many civilians in Stamford, the US Government implements the “Superhero Registration Act”. This act labels all super-powered beings as dangerous weapons and forces all those who wish to continue their acts to register their identity, forcing accountability. This legislation causes the whole community to split in two, with Iron Man championing the legislation and Captain America rebelling against it.

This quickly escalates as each sides tries to prove that they are indeed the side that is fighting for the right cause. Heroes are killed, identities made public and New York is half demolished by the time the two teams come to an agreement. Hang on as the twists and turns of this fabulously written and incredibly important part of the Marvel Universe plays out. Get hyped as the movie adaptation of this iconic comic comes ever closer.

This graphic novel is fantastic in so many ways. The characters that it portrays are real and fulfil their roles perfectly. The art work is stunning and compliments the story incredibly and wonderfully. And it tackles a very important question that rarely comes up in comics,“Who holds the heroes accountable?”. Just take a look at some of the recent movies. DC’s “Man of Steel” sees Metropolis leveled. Even in the Avengers movie, New York suffers major damage, in Avengers 2, an entire town is completely destroyed.

In a compelling and wonderful twist at the end, this is an incredibly satisfying comic for all, whether you are a DC lover (like I am) or a Marvel supporter.

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