June – Books of the Month

Just like that, June is here… and we can’t wait to share our Books of the Month with you! This month, we are featuring “Drowning” by T.J. Newman, “Heartstrong” by Ellidy Pullin, and “Monster Island” by George Ivanoff. 

“Drowning” by T.J. Newman

This captivating thriller begins when Flight 1421 crashes into the ocean six minutes after takeoff. The passengers who survive the crash think it’s a miracle. Then the plane begins to sink to the ocean floor. The survivors are trapped inside. There is not much time… and even less air.

“Heartstrong” by Ellidy Pullin 

When Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin kissed his partner, Ellidy, goodbye to go spearfishing, they had no idea it would be the last time. When Chumpy was found unconscious on the ocean floor, Ellidy’s world stopped. In a moment, her partner of 8 years was gone, and so was their dream of the child they both wanted so deeply. Then, a suggestion was made… Did Ellidy want to harvest Chumpy’s sperm and try for their baby? This was her chance to keep a small part of Chumpy alive.

“Monster Island” by George Ivanoff 

After following his mum to her top-secret new job, Bernie finds himself on a mysterious remote island inside the Bass Strait Triangle. The scientists working there call it Monster Island, and Bernie soon discovers why… Here, dinosaurs roam, secrets are dangerous, and drop bears really do exist!

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