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Franc.World – September BOTM Review

Anyone who has ever known the sheer delight of eating hot chips by the water will know the sheer terror that is being swarmed by a flock of hungry seagulls. In fact it’s such a common occurrence, author/illustrator Sam Cotton has created an entire TikTok series around chippies and seagulls and other cute cartoon characters – and amassed a following of nearly three million people in the process!

His first book, Chippy Chasers, is a spin off from his TikTok content, bringing a lively, fun story to life within a graphic novel style. Set in Sydney, the story introduces seagull mates SteveO, Stanley and Stacey and their great love of hot chips. When the best chippy chef in the world moves in nearby, they hatch the ultimate plan to score the chippy feast they’ve always dreamed of. However, they’ll have to get past a giant, seagull-hating thug with a broom, deal with some bully bin chickens, and convince the World’s Best Chippy Chaser to overcome his dark past and help them out.

A fun beginner novel for emerging and reluctant young tween readers.


To purchase “Chippy Chasers” by Sam Cotton, you can visit the QBD Books website or your local QBD Books store!

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