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“Monster Island” by George Ivanoff 

Jurassic Park meets Stranger Things in a story where the creatures are out of this world!

After following his mum to her top-secret new job, Bernie finds himself on a mysterious remote
island inside the Bass Strait Triangle. The scientists working there call it Monster Island, and
Bernie soon discovers why . . .

On Monster Island, extinct and mythical creatures are alive!

“Bernie’s eyes felt like they were bulging. This creature looked like a toad. A giant, white
toad! It was about the size of a Labrador. It was impossible!”

But that’s not the only mystery. Why are there so many mushrooms? Where have the hostile
black drones come from? Who controls them? And why are they spying on the creatures on
the island?

With short sharp sentences and plenty of fast-paced action, Monster Island is a great book
for lovers of dinosaurs, mushrooms and mysterious adventures.

George Ivanoff is a Melbourne author who’s written more than 100 books for kids and teens,
including the interactive You Choose series and the non-fiction Survival Guides series.

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