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It’s April and the Easter holidays are in full swing. In among the chocolate eggs, bunnies and bilbies, who asked for a good book this Easter?

That way you can enjoy your school holidays curled up on the couch, (or sprawled on a
towel at the beach), with a good book and a choccie egg or two. Fun!

“Villains Academy” by Ryan Hammond

If you’re looking for a villainously funny, highly illustrated young middle-grade series to read,
then look no further than Villains Academy by author and illustrator Ryan Hammond. This
book follows the misadventures of seven teenage villains who find themselves at an exclusive
school that teaches them all about being evil – with awesome consequences!

The story is full of exciting twists and turns as the main characters learn how to be master
baddies while also discovering the importance of friendship along the way.
The illustrations in this book are amazing and really work to carry the storyline. Each page is
filled with details that draw you into the world with the comic-style panelling making it easy
for readers to follow along.

The characters are flawed yet endearing heroes whose mistakes often lead them down
paths neither expected nor desired – but ultimately help teach important lessons about
morality and doing what’s right when faced with difficult decisions. It’s a great example of
how even those we think may be bad can have redeemable qualities if given a chance.

Overall, Villains Academy by Ryan Hammond is a delightful read that any fan of fantasy or
comedy will love!

With its unique art style, witty dialogue, and engaging plotlines, this book will captivate
readers from start to finish.

“The Heartstopper Yearbook” by Alice Oseman 

Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper Yearbook is a charming tale of love, acceptance, and
friendship. It follows the story of Nick and Charlie, two young boys who find themselves in an
unlikely romance despite their different backgrounds. As they navigate their new
relationship, both boys come to understand the power of true friendship and discover what it
really means to be accepted for who you are.

The story takes place during one school year at St John’s College where Nick has just
transferred from another school while Charlie is already attending. Both boys struggle with
finding their place within the college environment – Nick as a gay student dealing with bullies
while also trying to make friends; Charlie as a popular student but still feeling isolated due to
his own secret struggles. Despite this initial divide between them, they quickly develop an
unexpected connection which blossoms into something more than either could have

Oseman skillfully weaves together elements such as humour, drama and heartfelt moments
throughout the book that will keep readers engaged until the very end. From start to finish
there is never a dull moment as Ozeman delves into her characters’ lives on various levels –
exploring how growing up can be difficult no matter your situation or background – yet
ultimately allowing for hope in discovering yourself along the way.

Overall Heartstopper Yearbook offers an enjoyable read full of heart-warming moments and
touching themes that provides an honest look into teenage relationships. It also conveys
positive messages about self-acceptance which are for everyone, regardless age group or
gender identity. It is also soon to be made into a live-action Netflix series.

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