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9781447263227Fangirl is a book for everyone who’s ever had a teensy tiny crush on that special fictional character. Cath has loved Simon Snow since she was a girl. In her spare time she writes fan-fiction for the masses and her twin, Wren, is her usual partner in crime. But now the twins are off to university and big changes are coming. Wren doesn’t want to even room with Cath. She wants to meet new people, party and stay out late. As a result shy Cath has a strange roommate forced upon her and they don’t have anything in common. Worse still is Levi, her roommate’s best friend, who always seems to be hanging around in their room with nothing better to do.

There are a myriad of interesting characters in this novel and each has a very individual voice. Cath’s roommate, Reagan, is a whirlwind force in Cath’s life, plucking her out of her comfort zone and throwing her into new situations. Her writing partner Nick is a bundle of mixed signals. Friendly, quirky, tall, lovely blue-eyed Levi is slowly growing on her in a way that she’s not sure she should like and to top it all off, her father is forgetting to do the simplest of tasks without the girls at home to keep an eye on him.

Cath’s growing pains alongside her obsession with her favourite books make her one of the most relatable characters I’ve ever encountered (but that may just be me!). As she navigates her way through new situations whilst trying to juggle her sudden social butterfly of a sister, her eccentric, forgetful father and the chaos of her mother suddenly reappearing in her life, things just don’t seem to go as planned and it’s quite hilarious.

In a John-Greenesque style, Rainbow Rowell explores Cath’s journey of self-discovery that is filled with awkwardness, bittersweet moments and memorable one-liners.

~Karen. C.

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