Darwin’s Hot Reads!


Today our Darwin team pick out some of their favourite reads.

These books are hot, hot, hot!

9780749955229Dark Lover by J.R. Ward:

The first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is Dark Lover. Following the characters Wrath and Beth you are taken a journey that starts us off in a world with a new take on vampires and it makes you want to know what will happen to them. After the death of a close friend and trusted warrior , Wrath finds that he must protect the warrior’s orphaned daughter. One catch – she has no idea that her father just died or that she is a half-breed of the undead vampire race. How will he protect this woman? How will Beth deal with all this new information that has come her way? For those who love paranormal books and romance, Ward is an author that will captivate you in her dark and compelling world of vampires and the Lessening Society. – Cassie

9781460751312The Fifth Letter
by Nicola Moriarty:

The Fifth Letter has themes of friendship, relationships and family life with twists to keep you entertained. It was an interesting read that sucked you in within the first few chapters. Nicola Moriarty started this story off with Joni in a confession, quite an interesting start that got me to hooked on reading this book. It was an interesting read to see longtime friendship between four women began to slowly unravel piece by piece. I must say that the ending was very different to what I was expecting. The blurb in the back hinted at dark tones though when reading I found that is was also quite light-hearted. – Cassie

9780143004615Jessica by Bryce Courtenay:

This book is set in the time period of World War One, where there is a rivalry between two sisters over the love of a young soldier. Jessica, the main character, is the pride and joy of her father, as she helps the family by working together with him on their struggling family farm. There is a murder within the community and it is up to Jessica to help the convicted killer. Are they innocent or are they guilty? It is definitely a book that leaves you hanging for answers. As you turn page after page, you won’t be able to put it down. – Jessica

9780732299750The One Who Got Away
by Caroline Overington:

Loren is the girl who has it all. She married into the town’s wealthiest family, landing herself a handsome husband, a magnificent house, fancy cars and two beautiful children. To any outside observer, Loren’s life is perfect. That is until a fellow parent at school hands Loren a note that will shake her to the core. The very foundation her life is built on falls apart with the discovery of an underbelly of lies and betrayals. I am a massive fan of pyschological thrillers that keep you enthralled and turning the pages late into the night. Caroline Overington’s new novel did not disappoint me. I read it on a long car trip in around four hours and I don’t think I looked up once the whole time. If you are looking for your next fix after Gone Girl or Girl On The Train this is it. I wanted to re-read the book to see how I missed the clues to the scandalous ending. – Ellie



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