QBD Reviews: Call Me Evie by J.P. Pomare

An incredible literary thriller for readers of bestsellers such as Gone Girl, Before I Go to Sleep and Girl on the Train from an exciting new Australian voice.

Meet Evie, a young woman held captive by a man named Jim in the isolated New Zealand beach town of Maketu. Jim says he’s hiding Evie to protect her, that she did something terrible back home in Melbourne.

“Memories will break through, like grass pressing between cracks in the pavement.”

In a house that creaks against the wind, Evie begins to piece together her fractured memories of the events that led her here. Jim says he’s keeping her safe. Evie’s not sure she can trust Jim, but can she trust her own memories?


What our QBD Readers thought:

Australian author J.P Pomare has set out to intentionally destabilize, confuse and manipulate your mind with this psychological thriller, and boy does he succeed! Who IS Evie, who IS her captor and why have they fled to New Zealand? Is ANYONE who they say they are? Is ANYTHING what it seems? You think you have it all worked out but you don’t, and you won’t until it all unfolds in the final chapter. – Joanne, QBD Shellharbour

Gripping you violently from the very first page J.P. Pomare’s debut novel dumps you in the shoes of Evie, Scarred, Captive and hiding secrets even from herself. It’s dark depths fills with twists turns and chilling revelations Call Me Evie is set to be the best thriller you’ll read this year. – Lindsay, QBD Toombul

Long after I had closed the cover and switched off the light my mind was still reeling. The book was like a trip up the mountains- twists and bends all the way. There was spots that I thought I’d figured it out. then poof! Great new talent! – Belinda, QBD Charlestown

Call Me Evie is available in store and online now.

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