Books of the Month: March

We are so excited to announce our March “Books of the Month!” This month, we are featuring “The Mother” by Jane Caro, “Power” by Kemi Nekvapil, and “Zombie Diaries: Apocalypse Cow” by Matt Zeremes, Jake Minton, and Guy Edmonds. We hope you love reading them as much as we did!

The Mother by Jane Caro 

In this story, Miriam Duffy is a respectable North Shore widow and devoted grandmother. She was thrilled when her daughter, Ally, married her true love, but soon Ally’s perfect husband starts controlling her and their children, and cutting them off from the rest of the world. As the situation escalates, Miriam is faced with an unthinkable decision. But she will do anything for the people she loves most in the world. Wouldn’t you?

Power by Kemi Nekvapil 

Kemi Nekvapil knows the feelings of fear, vulnerability and powerlessness. However, learning to make her own choices and use her voice without apology were her first steps towards a bold, purpose-filled life. Now a highly respected executive and personal coach, Kemi has created a five-step process to guide others. Reclaim your power and create a life of true joy and fulfilment with “Power”

Zombie Diaries: Apocalypse Cow by Matt Zeremes, Guy Edmonds, and Jake A Minton 

All of the adults in Jimmy’s town have turned into zombies… well, zombie cows! Luckily, Jimmy and his friends have a plan to find a cure. In this hilarious zombie-comedy series, author duo Matt Zeremes and Guy Edmonds take readers on a butt-kicking adventure full of cows, explosions, snacks, drool, farts and spaghetti. 

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