Author Spotlight: Bryan Lee O’Malley

rsz_bryan_lee_omalleyBryan Lee O’Malley is a Canadian graphic novelist who is best known for his work as the author of the graphic novel series called “Scott Pilgrim” which has been made into a major motion picture starring Michael Cera. He has also released two full length graphic novels (Lost At Sea & Seconds) which were both written and illustrated by himself. Not only has O’Malley released his own work but he has also contributed in other author’s work. He has had the opportunity to illustrate variant issue covers for such comic series as “Sex Criminals” by Matt Fraction and “The Young Avengers” by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung. O’Malley uses a cartoon type art styles to create stories full of magic, wonder and even a little bit of humour. His stories are jam packed with loveable characters and extraordinary situations. His work is suitable for teenagers and adults a-like as there is a little bit of something for everyone within each of his books.

Here is a closer look at his amazing work:

Lost At SeaLost At Sea
This is Bryan Lee O’Malley’s debut graphic novel which was published in 2003. The story follows Raleigh who is a shy teenager that doesn’t particularly like interacting with other people. Despite this trait about her, she ends up on an across the country road trip with three other teenagers from her school. Now obligated to socialise with these people, will Raleigh be able to open up about herself? Can these teenagers help her find what she didn’t know she was looking for? An interesting story about growing up, letting go of the past and discovering oneself. Told from the perspective of Raleigh, the reader will get an in depth look into her thoughts and feels as things about her past begin to unravel. This book also gives you a look at how Bryan Lee O’Malley’s writing and art style was at the start of his career as it is slightly different to his more recent publications. It is beautifully illustrated with the use of the colours; white, pink and navy blue. This detailed but simple art style, helped portray a darker atmosphere which is connected with the emotions of the main character. A wonderful graphic novel for teenagers and adults as you can take away a different message from it with every read.

The Scott Pilgrim Series (1-6)Coloured edition coversThis young adult series follows Scott Pilgrim who is a 23-year-old, self-acclaimed slacker who cruises through life with his jamming band and teenage girlfriend. All this changes when a mysterious woman begins to appear in his dreams. Upon discovering that she is a real person by the name of Ramona Flowers, Pilgrim sets out to learn more about her. She then warns him that in order to date her, he will need to defend her seven evil ex-boyfriends first. Determined to win her heart, Scott takes on the challenge to defeat the enemies and ultimately win the girl. A hilarious series about self-identity, friendship and love. Told from Scott’s perspective, you will jump between his past and his present, to learn more about how he became the person he is today as well as how his life begins to change as his relationship with Ramona grows. Originally printed in a black and white manga style, readers can now enjoy the new and improved coloured editions that include exclusive content such as behind the scenes art and other short stories. O’Malley uses a fun art style that is full of detail but also creates a light atmosphere. The perfect series for beginner readers of graphic novels or regular readers that are looking for something fun to read.

SecondsThis is O’Malley’s latest graphic novel publication. It follows the story of Katie who is a successful young chef that has everything she wants in life from a fling with another chef to plans for opening up her second restaurant. This was all until everything started to crumble before her eyes as everything she has worked towards begins to backfire. Beginning to think that there was no coming back from her downfall, Katie is suddenly visited by a mysterious girl in the middle of the night who presents her with instructions to create her own do-overs. The steps were simple; “1. Write your mistake, 2. Ingest one mushroom, 3. Go to sleep and 4. Wake anew”. What could possibly go wrong? A magical graphic novel about second chances, love and everyday obstacles. Told from the perspective of Katie, the reader will get to follow her life from her highest points to her lowest as well as all the important moments in between. It is also beautifully illustrated with full colour illustrations that emit the relevant emotions of each chapter. Katie is a character that is full of angst, determination and wonder that many readers will be able to relate to. The perfect graphic novel for adults that are looking for something whimsical but also holds a deep meaning.

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