Game of Thrones holds a Guinness World Record!

The fifth season of the Game of Thrones series was one for the record books- literally. The HBO series has entered the 2016 edition of the Guinness World Records after hosting the “largest TV drama simulcast” seen so far. The second episode of season five, “The House of Black and White”, was aired in a […]

Game of Thrones starts TODAY!

Never read Game of Thrones before? The books have all sorts of juicy details that the TV show doesn’t include! The current season is featuring story lines from A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. (To see individual title information click on the picture)

Game of Thrones Bargains at Supanova!

 Winter is coming… well it’s summer in Australia, but Game of Thrones fans know what we mean! If you can’t get enough of the Song of Ice & Fire book series and TV show, QBD have some great buys for you at our Supanova stall this weekend! Living Language : Dothraki- A Conversational Language Course […]

The World of Ice and Fire

Drama. Action. Adventure. History. DRAGONS. If you are a true Westeros aficionado you cannot live without this book! (seriously, what are you waiting for?) George R R Martin has created a unique and intricate fantasy world for us to crawl inside and explore- and this book is the definitive companion to the Game of Throne series. Voiced […]