Spotlight on QBD: Eastlands, TAS

This week, our Eastlands team have put together a list of brilliant books every reader will love. There are some truly great reads in here. Better get your shelves ready! The Nowhere Child by Christian White: Kim Leamy, a photography teacher from Melbourne, is approached by a stranger who is investigating the disappearance of Sammy […]

QBD Spotlight: Mt Druitt’s Latest Reads

Say hello to our team at Mt Druitt! This week they tell us all about what they’ve been reading… Wind Dragons 01: Dragon’s Lair by Chantal Fernando: “Never Judge a Book By Its Cover!” I kept putting this book aside because the cover didn’t grab me BUT how silly was I! It was a great […]

What We Read: Toombul Edition

Our talented book lovers at Toombul have put together a list of books (other than Harry Potter) that everyone should have on their shelf!   Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan: A grim and gritty dive into an all too feasible future, Altered Carbon is a mile-a-minute noir thriller that blends classic hardboiled detective stories with […]

What We Read: QBD Fountain Gate

This week our Fountain Gate team let us know all about their latest reads! There’s something for everyone’s TBR in here! Woman In The Window by A J Finn: If you loved Girl on the train, you will love Woman in the Window. It’s about a woman called Anna Fox who becomes agoraphobic after a […]