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Some words of wisdom


We could not let Fantasy Week go by without some words from the immortal Sir Terry Pratchett.

Best known for his witty Discworld series, his books are unmatched when it comes to easy reads full of magic, humour and adventure.

Not only are his books funny, they also impart wisdom you can use in your everyday life! We have flicked through our many well-worn Pratchett books, and gathered together some of our favourite Discworld book quotes for you below:

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Rest in peace

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Sir Terry Pratchett, after an eight year battle against Alzheimer's, has passed away surrounded by his family (and sleeping cat).

Pratchett was a literary legend with over 70 published works under his belt, and a devoted worldwide following. His joyful humour and playfulness with the English language will ensure his novels stand the test of time. (In this humble blogger's opinion, his Night Watch books from the Discworld series should be considered a masterpiece)

There are no words to accurately describe this loss. So, we will simply share the final tweets of the great man himself:


3:07PM 12 March 2015: Terry took Death's arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.

3:07PM 12 March 2015: The End.

Rest in Peace, Sir Terry.

Reviewsday: Hogfather

9780552167581You can't kill Anthropomorphic Personifications...or at least that's what everyone thought. Everyone, but Mr Teatime.

There is a plot afoot to kill the fat man and only Susan Sto-Helit and her handy poker can stave it off…

To be fair, she doesn’t want to stave it off. She’d much prefer to be normal. But she doesn’t have a choice. Monsters are creeping out of the woodwork. Her grandfather is definitely acting strangely, the Hogfather is missing and for some reason she is remembering the future again- all bad things.

It’s a mystery and she must solve it.

Aided by the God of Hangovers, well-meaning wizards and the Grim Squeaker Susan heads off on an adventure you can really sink your teeth into.

If you’ve never read a Terry Pratchett novel before, this is the perfect appetiser. Full of wit and wonder (and a little bit of sarcasm) The Hogfather is a Christmas story with a twist that will appeal to all ages…sorry Hogswatch story.