QBD Reviews: Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

For her whole life, Willowdean Dickson has been a loud and proud, self-professed fat girl. She has never felt uncomfortable in her own skin, and she’s never had any issues ignoring the boorish and taunting remarks that her teenage peers have made about her size – until she meets Bo Larson. Bo is a popular […]

Review Competition WINNER

The lucky winner is……. XSAREA POWER   The Fault in Our Stars is an incredibly powerful and thoughtful novel following the conceptual trace of life, loss and the legacy of death. Crafting an eloquent story (if not with a touch of poignancy), Green deftly touches on the delicate issue of cancer while still communicating messages […]

OMG New Harry Potter!

Ever since the books and movies ended all die-hard Harry Potter fans have wondered how his life turned out. Especially because he fought so hard to keep it. Add to that the fact that J.K. Rowling admitted she should have married Hermione off to Harry and you get a whole mass of fan-girl screams (especially […]


We’re so excited to announce our new competition to win a $50 gift voucher! And more $ = more books = more fun! Simply: Review any product on our site (max 1000 characters) Email your review to reviews@qbd.com.au with your contact details (name, phone number, email address) Winner will be drawn at 2pm on the […]